The Anemone

Combining LED technology, striking design and a dash of under the sea glamour into one collection, the Anemone makes a beautiful and striking statement.

Anemone Circular Pendant

Available in both circular and linear forms, the Anemone Pendants have drastically different shapes, with the same design concept at their core. Both pendants are illuminated by way of a hidden LED light guide element that evenly disperses light through translucent acrylic bristles.

Anemone Pendant

Playfully versatile, the Anemone LED Pendant spans 28” across and can be installed with the bristles facing up or down; the Anemone Circular LED Pendant is elegantly suspended by 4 cables and has a radius of nearly 37”across. Made to order in your choice of six finish options, both utilize dimmable LED technology to spread light into your room as brightly or subtly as desired.

Anemone Pendant