Once upon a time…

In a land far away (unless you live in New Hampshire, Massachusetts or upstate New York), a company was born more than 40 years ago. The company decided to focus on some things that seem rare today, namely craftsmanship, quality and really nice design. Here we are, four decades later and as it turns out, people appreciate those things. So a decision was made to give everyone a little more of what they like and to add a little more fun to the mix. Nearly three dozen designs, six finish colors and a pink deer logo later, Vermont Modern was born.

Vermont Modern is everything you’d expect from . . . almost no one today. More than 230 people stand behind each fixture. Every light is designed, engineered, shaped, welded, finished and even wired and tested in Castleton, Vermont.

Some of the pieces, like the Anemone, Copernicus and Ringo use LED in their designs. Others like the Hook, Vine and Sinker show off the forge work of our blacksmiths. The Metro and Cumulus pendants have a sort of kinetic movement to them, with the Cumulus shifting and shimmering in the breeze or touch of a finger; and the Metro’s pipes able to be swiveled to be configured to your personal taste. Still others, like the Monarch, Bloom and Stretch just look really cool. And although it’s a modern design, we have the future in mind. Each piece is crafted using environmentally-responsible techniques, from zero-VOC powder coating to bioremediated wash solution, to the fact that it’s made to order. So, Vermont Modern is only shipped where it’s wanted. And going out on a limb, it’s going to be wanted well beyond the boundaries of our small state.