Mixing Work & Play – The Copernicus Collection

We have a talented design team that brings a diverse set of skills and backgrounds to the table. The result is a steady flow of big ideas. One of those brainstorms combines some of their creative magic with the efforts of a local toymaker.

Copernicus Pendant

The Copernicus collection has airy lines created by slender steel rails that nearly meet as they pass through maple wood spheres made by a Vermont-based toymaker. A fascinating thing about the Copernicus collection is how the low-voltage LED at the rails’ ends are powered. It’s not wiring that carries the current. Instead, the current passes along the steel rods themselves. The positive and negative currents are isolated by the spheres and, although the pendants are meant to be hardwired, it’s technically possible to power the lights with a 9volt battery. But it’s not all about sorcery (or “science” if you believe our designers) – the desk lamp and pendants have serious style. The modern look of the Copernicus collection can be personalized with a choice of six finish options for the canopy and the LED housing.

Copericus Table lamp

Copernicus detail