Exclusive Swarovski Crystal

Our designer team, here at Hubbardton Forge, was looking to create something truly exceptional. The designs they envisioned would not only be unique to the Forge, but unique to the lighting industry, as well. They knew that they’d need a partner who could offer unparalleled and uncompromising quality in crystal, in order to achieve their vision.

At the same time, at their headquarters in Austria, Swarovski was at work developing an innovative new crystal design, one that would change how people thought about crystals. The Swarovski Strass Wave Cut crystal was born. The concave and convex surfaces of this new Wave Cut crystal create an almost sensual flow with its complex cuts that display an asymmetrical, organic shape.

It was this meaningful coincidence, this “synchronicity”, that provided the perfect opportunity for a partnership between two well-respected brands. For the Hubbardton Forge team, the opportunity to introduce internationally a crystal never-before-seen was an exciting challenge. For Swarovski, the opportunity for their new Wave Cut crystal to be used as the focal point of an entirely new line of lighting by innovative designers was ensured.

When the two came together – the metalcraft, technology and inspired design of Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge with the precision and beauty of Swarovski crystals – the outcome in the Courbé and the Courbé Duet was nothing less than spectacular.