Designer Swarovski Crystals

Hubbardton Forge is celebrated for their award-winning sculptural artistry of hand-forged steel and beautiful lighting; Swarovski has offered the most exquisite and unique crystals in the world for over five decades. The collaboration between the two companies creates a perfect unity of craft and glamour—Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge.

An exciting facet of the Synchronicity line is the groundbreaking opportunity to showcase Swarovski’s extraordinary crystals. Hubbardton Forge designers conceptual development begins with inspiration surrounding each distinctive crystal. Creating a fixture that brings the best clarity, reflection and light possible to these perfect glimmering surfaces. This year, two new bold Swarovski designer crystals bring a new level of edge and couture to the line.

Nova Pendant

The “perfectly imperfect” Kaputt crystal meticulously designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Swarovski, is a provocative nod to the unpredictable. Asymmetric brilliance becomes avant-garde. The Nova Pendant, reflects that attitude with steel angles, gem-like sparkle and skillfully secured Kaputt crystals.

Trove Pendant

The new Glaciarium Crystals, designed by Fredrickson Stallard for Swarovski, are inspired by raw crystalline formations as they might be unearthed in nature. The Trove Pendant and Sconce hold the visually dramatic embedded gems between planes of textured steel.

Artemis Pendant

Swarovski’s dramatic Boomerang crystals, introduced into the Synchronicity line in 2017, have an even more dramatic presence this year. The Artemis Large Pendant— creates elegance with an edge, grasping the crystals with its grand sculptural quills.

Courbe Pendant

Synchronicity was selected by Swarovski for the world premiere of their exclusive Wave Cut crystal, featured in the Courbé and Courbé Duet Pendants; extraordinary concave and convex curves produced by Swarovski’s newest precision-cutting technology.

Gaia Pendant

Stunning pear-shaped and cone-shaped crystals further adorned the 2017 collection with the Gaia Pendant and the Rhapsody Pendant and Sconce.

Rhapsody Pendant and Sconce

Building on a strong introductory reception, Synchronicity designers make use of the Rhapsody’s bold Swarovski cone-shaped crystal in this year’s Stitch Sconcelacing together two forged plates of steel and shimmering crystals in a sexy and surreal juxtaposition; a seemingly impossibly use of materials.

Stitch Sconce