Crafting + Crystals

Crystal chandeliers have been part of the lighting industry since the 18th century. Although crystals have been paired with lighting (candles first, light bulbs later) for roughly three centuries, the design approach has changed little. To make a chandelier more beautiful, the solution was to add more crystals.

If you’re familiar with crystals though, you know individual crystals have the ability to captivate a viewer when given the proper attention. The reflection and refraction of light is more striking since the eye is able to follow the separate dazzling threads. That’s what the design team quickly realized when they began to explore the possibilities inherent with crystal designs.

Our design team tapped into their diverse design backgrounds to create unique pieces that would highlight individual crystals while also showcasing the fixture’s fine metalcrafting. With designs showing promise and talk of introducing a new line, the next step was finding a company to supply crystals worthy of being focal points. Swarovski was the clear choice for quality, innovation and design. The company is world renowned for its skill in creating precision-cut crystal, with that reputation earned through a 120-year history. At the same time that Hubbardton Forge was considering reaching out, Swarovski was looking for a partner to introduce its new Swarovski Strass Wave Cut crystal. A relationship was born.

Showing some of the initial concepts for Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge increased the excitement from the Swarovski team, while the reveal of their Wave Cut crystal had our team imagining new design horizons. The end result was two companies well-known for craftsmanship and fine design redefining the limits of luxury.