Bliss in Rhapsody

Art taps into countless emotions. When you are able to lose yourself in a work of art, that sense of enchantment is something that can be recalled ever after. The designers behind the Rhapsody certainly stirred us with the beauty of this collection.

The Rhapsody Collection delivers its emotional impact through inspired design and artisan craftsmanship, offering two striking characteristics. The first is the compelling visual aesthetic that’s beautiful, graceful and hints at a sense of movement. The second focuses on how each crystal from Swarovski is intentionally placed.

The Rhapsody pendant is lit from above by LEDs nestled within a channel of steel. The Rhapsody sconce conceals an LED source within a metal enclosure to reflect and refract light off the Swarovski cone-shaped crystal held by the ribbon-like steel, below. The results of the artistry and innovation in this new collection provide style and light to elegantly appointed and enchanting spaces.