Behind the Designs

When diverse backgrounds collide, the results can vary greatly. In the case of the designers behind the new line, Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge, their collaboration resulted in a display of talent and inspiration that breathes new life into the crystalline field of luxury lighting design. The team is made-up of individuals who each traveled his own path. Architecture, sculpture, jewelry crafting, furniture design and in one case, a career in lighting that started as a pre-teen.

Design Director David Kitts

David Kitts started his career with a home furnishings design firm, before coming to Hubbardton Forge eight years ago. As Design Director, he has been a driving force behind an expansion in the company’s design aesthetics. Kitts puts emphasis on making sure each element in a design has a purpose. That careful consideration served the team well when they began to explore designs that incorporated crystal as the Synchronicity line developed.

Artemis LED Pendant

Designer David Martin

Design team leader, David Martin has been at Hubbardton Forge for more than a decade. Prior to joining the team, Martin worked as an architect for 14 years. That experience gives him insight as to how a design will react with a space. Martin says he also tries to understand what the light and materials want to be and references renowned architect Louis Kahn, who talked about “asking” a brick what it wanted to be and then helping it to achieve that goal through careful, intentional design.

Belladonna Pendant

Designer Paul Marr-Hillard

Designer Paul Marr-Hilliard doesn’t necessarily hold Kahn’s reverence for bricks, but he does draw on working with a similar medium and translates some of that experience into his work with lighting. He has worked as a stone and steel sculptor for years. The skill and knowledge he has gained provides hints to how materials will react to being heated, hammered and coaxed into shape. His design process often relies on physical interaction with the materials and he can sometimes be found at a forge or brandishing a welding torch as he works on a prototype.

Trove Pendant

Designer Ori Golberg

Ori Goldberg is the newest member of the team. Like each of the other designers, he brings a unique background. Goldberg’s designs draw from his first career as a jeweler. He has successfully translated some of his small-scale works of art into stunning lighting pieces. Many of his lighting designs benefit from the jeweler’s skill he has honed over the years.

Hendrix Pendant

Each designer draws on his background, plays off each other’s skills, all while working closely with our forge artisans, to turn their ideas and inspiration into rich and unique lighting designs.