What happens when you combine a 6,000-year-old art with leading edge, touch-sensitive technology? Introducing the Hubbardton Forge line by Legrand®, as part of the adorne® collection. Choose your stunning Hubbardton Forge fixtures, then add the ultimate final touch. Six lustrous metal plates, forged by fire to make adorne’s simply elegant switches and outlets a perfect match with Hubbardton Forge’s rich array of metal textures and finishes. It’s a partnership forged in the fires of creativity and passion.

Never before have light and switch been so masterfully made for each other. Borne from nearly 2,000 degree heat, impurities are driven from the steel, resulting in a stunning textural expression — each as unique as a fingerprint, and finished to a perfect match. View full collection here.  

Transcription: For every hand, there’s a glove. And where there’s a wine, a cheese. And now – where there’s a magnificent hand-crafted Hubbardton Forge light, there’s a switch. Introducing a collaboration of craftsmanship between two premium brands. Each devoted to design, beauty, ingenuity, and perfection. The new Hubbardton Forge line, by Legrand, as part of the adorne collection. Six sumptuous natural finishes have met their match. Two things always used together, finally made for each other.