A Warm Welcome: Outdoor Lighting at its Best

Choosing exterior lighting is an opportunity to make a great first impression and highlight beautiful architectural features. Hubbardton Forge offers versatile and dynamic outdoor lighting solutions to enhance curb appeal and greet guests with style and warmth, as well as to enhance safety and security.

By focusing on richness of materials and faultless geometric balance, the Shadow Box Sconces prove that high impact lighting need not be complex. Layers of warm diffused light and dramatic shadow create the perfect blend of style and austere lines—available in three different sizing options. Backplates are available with a choice of accent color, and there is an option to customize, with an address number.

Hubbardton Forge offers highly efficient LED outdoor lighting solutions. Installing LED fixtures may lower the energy bill, and the LED technology creates a very low-maintenance addition. The need to change light bulbs frequently is eliminated—these LED light sources can last for many years. Accentuating the beauty of linear shapes, the Edge LED Outdoor Sconce is contemporary and influenced by architectural form. Offered in two sizes, the Edge features seeded glass, which allows light to interact with richly bubbled glass elements for added sparkle.

Our Double Axis LED Outdoor Sconce enhances any exterior design and adds cultured styling. A single, handcrafted aluminum arm angles around to hold the glass at either end with a wider band bisecting the center.

Cascades of thick seeded glass and layers of metal create a bold and sophisticated display of materials. The Rainfall LED Outdoor Sconce combines structural glass forms and streams of textural light play with dedicated LED lamping. Available in medium and large sizes and left or right orientations, this gorgeous sconce can be a personalized “welcome” statement.

The Ursa LED Outdoor Sconce features a generous panel of seeded glass that glows like its constellation namesake. The LED source is concealed behind the top metal enclosure, allowing the light to stream through its large vertical glass panel below.

Looking for refined industrial aesthetics to compliment exterior spaces? The Henry Outdoor Sconce and Pendant with its riveted, spun-metal shade offers superior craftsmanship with style. Bulb choices can shift the look from industrial to contemporary.

Outdoor climates can be extremely punishing. Hubbardton Forge outdoor fixtures are offered in six Coastal Outdoor Finishes, formulated for harsh environmental conditions. They are rigorously tested within a salt spray chamber, with 100% humidity conditions and salinity nearly 50% greater than average sea water. Unlike most other lighting brands, our Lifetime Limited Warranty is valid not only for indoor products, but also for all outdoor products featuring our Coastal Finishes. Made for the outdoors, yet elegant enough for indoor use, as well.


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