The Dahlia Chandelier

Ask any product designer what question they are most frequently approached with, and they will undoubtedly respond, “What was your inspiration for this design?” It is perhaps the most fascinating part of the creative process to an outsider looking in on the world of design.

Photo Credit: Cranbrook Art Museum

Hubbardton Forge designer Paul Marr-Hilliard is no stranger to the question. “Sometimes the inspiration comes from the most basic of forms. I was looking at an image of jewelry that was created by Harry Bertoia, a famous 1950’s furniture designer, best known for his diamond pattern metal chair designs. The organic form of a leaf was repeated throughout the piece, and it really appealed to me,” Paul says. “I started playing with the idea of curved metal pieces coming from a central axis. A halo or ring of light would be at the core of the fixture, reflecting upon the “petals” on either side. It is a simple repetition of form that becomes quite beautiful and sculptural. By realizing early on that this design was very botanical in nature and representational of a large flower, the name of Dahlia was adopted. A perfect fit.”





The steel “petals” of the Dahlia Chandelier reveal hand-forged texture, crafted by metal artisans here in Castleton, Vermont. The exposed bulbs, bursting from the center of the fixture, illuminate with a modern flare. This dynamic design will be introduced as part of Hubbardton Forge’s 2019 new product line. Available in 2 sizes, the Large Dahlia Chandelier—40.8″ height x 48.9″ diameter, is a stunning large scale fixture, and the Medium Dahlia Chandelier28.2″ height x 32.7″ diameter, a versatile option for living room, dining or entryway lighting. Made to order with your choice of 9 finish options.