Product Spotlight – The Cascade

Hubbardton Forge designer Paul Marr-Hilliard holds a tiny white sculpture, or maquette, in the palm of his hand and rotates it slowly. “By carefully slicing and arranging the stick-like forms of museum board, I was able to explore visual balance within asymmetric composition. When in the process of developing designs, visual balance is an important dynamic to consider,” Marr-Hilliard says. These small elegant museum board sculptures are a valuable tool in the conceptualization process for Hubbardton Forge designers as they explore new ideas and future design prototypes.

Paul demonstrates how the small forms of the maquette can easily be adjusted and viewed from all vantage points. The lightness of the paper “sticks” as they seem to tumble downward is delicate and beautiful. “The feeling of movement definitely contributed to giving the design its name.” After careful consideration and several iterations, this maquette became the winning design for the Cascade Pendant.


The Cascade’s delicate steel batons interlace and even pierce the LED light source. Providing both upward and downward lighting, the light and shadow play allows the adjustable cable-hung pendant to interact with its environment.

Describing asymmetrical lighting fixtures as, “part illumination, part art,”Lighting and Décor magazine’s 2018 February issue features the Cascade, and points to an exciting trend of asymmetry within the lighting industry. Innovative lighting design can improve not only the artistic form of the fixture, but also the practical function of illuminating a space. Paul Marr-Hilliard sums it up perfectly, “After all, good design is just creativity with a strategy!”