New Traditional Collection

What does “Traditional” style mean to you? Is it “old-fashioned” or safe? Is it what you would expect to see in your 80 year old Aunt Millie’s home? Or is it about warmth and familiarity? Comfort? We started this blog with an attempt at a history lesson on traditional styles ranging from British Colonial to the French countryside to classic Greece and Rome, and realized that “Traditional” means something different to everyone. This made our attempt to explain our “New Traditional” launch even more daunting. We decided to simply explain what “Traditional” and “New Traditional” means to Hubbardton Forge and our new product debut.

For Hubbardton Forge, traditional was always tied to our New England heritage. Twist baskets, forged leaves and sweeping tapers. These were traditional elements taught to traditional forgers. At one point we even had horseshoes in our product line up (we believe it was a wine bottle holder). The products sold and we were happy. This past year when we realized we were no longer two guys in a barn in Vermont selling to local craft shows, but a company of 250 designers and makers of some of the finest lighting worldwide, we decided to do something about out “traditional” offerings.

Hubbardton Forge is proud to introduce our New Traditional Collection. A collection that unifies different time periods and geographical references. A collection that is a fusion of formality and comfort, simplicity and elegance. A collection that will never be stagnant, but will continue to evolve as we evolve as a company.

In a contemporary take on the classic hurricane glass chandelier, the Nola is “mid-century Victorian meets mid-century modern”.

Our introduction of iridescent Mother Of Pearl tiles produces softly reflected light from the Tesserae Pendant; while the Portico Pendant offers clean architectural lines that are versatile and articulate.

Simplicity, well-balanced style and rich details characterize the Apothecary.

Pools of light are captured within the thick hand blown hourglass vessels— offered in Pendant, Mini Pendant and Sconce options.

The Chime balances subtle curves with added elegance in a very versatile linear pendant. This refined pendant gives a nod to Art Deco style and glamour.