Robbie Designs

Photos courtesy of: Steve King

Finishing 2016, we bring you Robbie Distributors and Designs based out of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. We spoke with Cyndi Fyke, owner and designer about her project that featured Hubbardton Forge throughout the home (something we love to see)!

Blog-designer-HF: What were the biggest challenges in designing for this project?

RDD: The biggest challenge was coordinating the needs of both homeowners. They wanted a home that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives through the use of Universal Design, but they still wanted to have a Zen- or spa-like atmosphere with funky artwork and details that expressed their personal tastes. One of them is an engineer and the other is an actuary, and they had some difficulty visualizing some of my ideas at first.

HF: How did you address those challenges?

RDD: I utilized a lot of hand drawings to show what the proposed final product would look like. It helped that I was able to work with them on the project using your website that has products being shown in finished rooms. Wendy at CAI Denver was also fantastic when we requested samples of the glass and metal finishes.

HF: What aspect of the design is your favorite?

RDD: I love that the overall design doesn’t fight with the homes original, traditional vibe. That it is unique, modern and feels like my clients home, not a hotel room or a designer’s gallery.

HF: How did Hubbardton Forge get picked to be included in this design?

RDD: I attended a workshop at CAI Denver that reminded me of the fabulous manufacturing quality and design that your company is known for.

HF: What would you describe this project’s design style as?

RDD: Transitional, contemporary, fun!

HF: Is there a style Robbie Distributors Designs is particularly known for?

RDD: My company is known for its ability to work with all styles and clients, with an emphasis on functional beauty. Everything should have a purpose (even if that is just whimsy like the decorative Buddha heads in their master bathroom). ROI, timeliness and beauty are all equally emphasized.

HF: As a firm, what would be your dream project to design?

RDD: I love whole house remodels and new construction.