KPD Studios

kPd Studios featuring Cityscape pendant and Cuff pendant


Kristine Pivarnik owner of kPd Studios

DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: April’s Spotlight focuses on Kristine Pivarnik, owner of kPd Studios in Crested Butte, Colorado. Kristine has brought some of the magic of the Green Mountains of Vermont to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

HF: How would you describe your design style?
KP: We strive to create clean, tailored, functional and well thought-out designs for our clients to use and enjoy. We carefully consider the longevity of our designs while intently listening to the desires and needs of the client which reflect their personalities.

HF: Where do you get your design inspiration?
KP: My primary inspiration comes from the personalities and lifestyles of our clientele mixed with my mental recollections of environments I have been immersed in while traveling in nearly 50 countries. I understand the impact environment has on emotion, so I am an advocate for authenticity in design and encourage my clients to pursue the same. Fill your space with finishes you enjoy, not just the latest trend. Use of trends in design make us feel current and vibrant (there is nothing wrong with them) but trendy elements should be introduced selectively, due to the temporality of those items being in favor.

HF: What were the main requests from your client for this project?
KP: Our clients knew they wanted to update their fixtures, but were not specific with their requests. The projects that seem to excel are the ones where kPd Studios is in the driver’s seat of the design and we are not simply executing the tasks and details of an owner’s set plan. This was precisely the case with this project.


HF: Were there any big design challenges you had to overcome?
KP: The biggest challenge was deciding how many Hubbardton Forge fixtures to use. The lighting ensemble shown is situated above a slim elongated table in a narrow space. I initially played with the idea of repeating multiple Cityscape fixtures to fill the space. Being that this property is set in the rustic ski town of Crested Butte, Colorado at 9,000’ surrounded by mountains, I did not want to ignore the organic nature of the features around us. I softened the use of the Cityscape by introducing the curvilinear silhouette of the Cuff Pendants to flank it and bring a consistent rhythm of balanced light to the negative air space above the table.

HF: What are your favorite things about this space?
KP: We loved having a space like this one as a blank canvas, so to speak. We were able to start from scratch and the client had no preconceived vision or set specifications on furnishings or finishes. We were able to create a space for them that incorporated eclectic modernism and the natural landscape, with a nod to their urban roots. We are proud to have designed a space where they can comfortably gather, including a memorable dining room, with breathtaking dining area fixtures to gather below for years to come.

HF: How did Hubbardton Forge lighting and that design get picked for this project?
KP: Hubbardton Forge offers truly authentic products with a respected history of craftsmanship. HF was an obvious line for this particular client. They appreciate tradition, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail combined with progressive, modern lines. The introduction of HF’s Cityscape fixture fulfilled their design desires, fit the space, budget and aesthetic.

HF: What showroom, if any, did you work with?
KP: Mountain Colors and Paint in Crested Butte, Colorado. It is locally owned and operated. The owner, Kim Raines, recognizes it is often difficult as an interior designer to get to every annual lighting show the industry holds. So Kim makes it a priority to attend the shows and returns to share the treasures she discovers with the local design trade. She initially edits the millions of options out there and presents kPd Studios with only the best for my final selection; it is an invaluable service.