Design Studio 15

Meet Design Studio 15. These well-traveled design professionals, based in Winter Park, Florida, have the world-on-a-string and a keen eye for what is hot within the design industry. Offering everything from residential and commercial design services, to architectural detailing and construction specifications, owner Shanna Bender’s Design Studio 15 crew works with both international and domestic clients. We asked recently, what inspires them to bring global aesthetics as well as an element of surprise to their client’s projects.


HF: Your team exudes a fun and extremely hip dynamic. How would you define Design Studio 15’s style?

SB: Our design style is outside the box, off-the-cuff, and unique! We are always striving to show our clients something they have never seen before. We like to think big and bold, and create designs that are innovative.

HF: DS15’s portfolio of work seems very expansive—with clients throughout the world. To what do you attribute this wide array of clientele?

SB: We love our clients’ diversity, and embrace their different styles. Taking our ego out of the design process, we can create something completely customized to each client. People who come to us know they are going to get something that is not only unique, but design that is completely tailored to their own wants and needs.

HF: What is your process in finding creative design solutions for clients?

SB: All of DS15’s designers, including our owner, Shanna Bender, have traveled around the world and have experienced unique cultures, décor and materials. We bring these diverse elements into to our clients’ spaces and offer design solutions that they might not have thought of before.

HF: Your Isole Villas project in Orlando provides an intimate five-star luxury getaway with the services of a boutique hotel—it is also quite beautiful. What is your favorite feature of this project?

SB: Each room is interesting and a surprise. As you move throughout the project, there is a lot to discover and take in. The cigar room has a really cool, sexy masculine vibe that creates a defined space apart from the rest of the villa. We used beautiful black Nero Marquita marble, European oak floors, and brass hardware to create a cohesive space that is warm, relaxed and sophisticated.

HF: How did Hubbardton Forge come to be included?

SB: We strive to incorporate pieces with interesting finishes and textures that are handcrafted. They add character and style to any space. Isole Villas incorporated a more modern design, so we wanted some fun unexpected moments—these Hubbardton Forge pieces were perfect for the Grand Dining Hall!

HF: What are some design challenges you’ve faced recently and how have you addressed them?

SB: We recently completed a remodel in Golden Beach, FL where the home’s kitchen was very enclosed and stuck in the 80’s. Some walls needed to be taken down to open up the space, but one asymmetrical structural beam could not be removed. Our solution was to clad the beam in walnut and incorporate a series of other vertical wood beams across the ceiling in the kitchen. This created a partition while keeping a very open feel—connecting the living area and kitchen. The design concealed the column, making it intentional and seamless.

HF: If your team could pick a dream project to design, what would it be?

SB: Currently, we are working on a new luxurious home for a fun couple that has gorgeous taste. They’ve traveled the world, and have homes in both Miami and New York. We are helping them to develop the floorplan, materials selection, and furniture choices for their new primary residence. They are very open to pushing the boundaries and trust us completely. There is virtually no budget, so this is the dream project!


HF: What keeps your team excited and passionate about design?

SB: Learning from other people’s experiences, creative ventures, and ways of life keeps things fresh and exciting for us. Our clients experience a world of design they might have never seen before, because of our passion for travel and innovation.

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