Dark Sky Friendly

Dark Sky Friendly outdoor fixtures are designed with downward-facing only beams and reflections of light. The absence of up-light helps to minimize light pollution, protecting stargazing and wildlife for future generations.

Erlenmeyer Dark Sky Friendly Sconce

Designed with the heavens in mind, the Erlenmeyer Dark Sky Friendly Outdoor Sconce is as beautiful as it is respectful of the environment. This new Dark Sky Friendly sconce is offered as a two-toned option (shown here in our new Coastal Gold accent with a Coastal Black). With a cap at the top and shade guiding the light downward, this sconce focuses its light right where you want it. A perennial favorite, the Erlenmeyer design is available in a variety of outdoor and indoor options.

Henry Dark Sky Friendly Sconce

An addition to one of our most popular collections, the Henry Dark Sky Friendly Outdoor Sconces feature an integrated double shade to block the release of uplight, bringing constellations into view. Handsome details and hallmark craftsmanship will enhance any exterior.

Stratum Sconce

The Stratum’s beautifully textured aluminum backplate guides the light downward from the LED illumination, hidden within the header element. Stylish and elegant, the Stratum Dark Sky Friendly Outdoor Sconces feature a two-tone finish option, including the new Coastal Outdoor Gold Finish. Starlit night skies come into focus with the Stratum, which focuses its light downward, right where you need it.

Coastal Outdoor Gold -70

Coastal Outdoor Gold (-70)
Available only on our New June outdoor designs

  • Formulated to resist harsh environmental conditions
  • Significant durability
  • Extensively tested in our salt spray chamber and subjected to:

Salinity nearly 50% greater than average sea water
100% humidity

Dark Sky Friendly

These new Dark Sky Friendly pieces join a growing collection of environmentally-conceived fixtures for the outdoors, with a reverence for the natural beauty of the night skies.