IGroup Design



Since 1998, San Diego based iGroup Design has had a lofty goal—a focus on creating hotels, restaurants, retail, gaming, senior living and multi-family spaces that artfully transcend expectations—elevating the way people connect with each other and their surroundings. This small dedicated group has no separation between their design and architectural teams, instead calling themselves “a think tank of cultural alchemists, spatial artists, and collaboration enthusiasts.” We caught up with iGroup recently to find out more about their successful dynamic. Designing for the human experience is iGroup Design’s motto.

HF: What is your process in finding creative design solutions for your clients?

IGD: It’s all in the details. Embrace the details that are surrounding you wherever you are. Stock pile the things you like even if you don’t know why—when inspiration happens, it always happens for a reason.

HF: How would you define your design aesthetic?

IGD: We design based on the thoughts we hear our clients express. We bring reality to ideas that our clients cannot complete on their own.

HF: Your Viejas Casino & Resort project near San Diego is breathtaking. What are your favorite features of this large-scale project?

IGD: Our favorite features are the areas where we have merged textures and materials together that most eyes would not. The thrill is unveiling an aesthetic that most would not attempt.

HF: How did Hubbardton Forge lighting come to be included?

IGD: Hubbardton Forge has been involved in all of the phases of the Viejas Casino & Hotel project. They have a high-quality handcrafted look that was desired for this project.

HF: Your team has a wealth of combined experience in diverse disciplines. How does that affect the dynamics of your firm?

IGD: It’s a great way to spread the job to the different strengths within the firm. Each person can own a piece of the project. It truly is a collaborative effort from which everyone benefits.

HF: What are some design challenges you’ve faced recently and how have you addressed them?

IGD: Budgets are the biggest challenge by far, if what the client desires, and what the budget dictates are not in alignment. The goal is to never let the audience perceive where the money was lean. Their experience has to be wonderful throughout the entire journey of the space—we achieve that.

HF: If you could pick a dream project to design, what would it be?

IGD: Designing a series of individual resort cabin’s with miles of surrounding views.

HF: What projects are you currently working on?

IGD: We have multiple hospitality projects we are currently working on, everything from a ground up series of buildings, to an older historic renovation.