Faulkner Design Group

Faulkner Design Group

Since 1992, Faulkner Design Group (FDG) has been providing award-winning designs working with the largest developers, contractors, real estate investment groups, and management firms across the country. A Dallas-based interior architecture and design firm, FDG specializes in the conceptualization, design, and installation of community environments including multi-family, senior living and redevelopment projects across the country.

Faulkner Design Group

HF: We’ve noticed that Faulkner Design Group has done a number of projects in the Multi-Family arena, ranging from Mixed-use to Low/Mid/High-rise Towers, and more. What kind of a challenge does this present, when you are designing common areas for inhabitants with a variety of personalities and aesthetics?

FDG: We view every project in terms of its own DNA taking into consideration the location, resident demographics, the client’s mission, and overall theme of the development. When you bring these defining factors together, you ultimately come up with a unique design solution for each project. Our design teams excel at balancing interior spaces that subtly evoke the surrounding community while still providing the backdrop for residents to create their own stories.

Faulker Design Group

HF: What is your process in developing creative solutions for clients?

FDG: We really emphasize a client-focused approach to our projects, encouraging communication, collaboration, and inclusivity with everyone on the team. We seek to understand the client’s corporate mission and the vision they have for the project. We take this information and combine it with market research to begin to define the interior concepts. These initial steps create the platform for creative solutions to our projects while maintaining a connection to the communities they serve.

Faulker Design Group

HF: When it comes to designing interior environments for senior living communities, what are your top-5 considerations?

FDG: Senior living is a complex facet of our work combining hospitality, residential, and healthcare all under one roof. While there are many considerations, here is where we begin:

  1. Level(s) of care provided
  2. Client’s operational/programming goals
  3. Connectivity to surrounding community
  4. Maintaining residential scale and comfort
  5. Amenity spaces
  6. Codes and regulations

Faulkner Design GroupHF: With a portfolio as wide as Faulkner Design Group’s, your designers must wear many hats. How do you go from doing Multi-Family to Senior Living?

FDG: With experience in many product types, we understand the commonalities and the defining characteristics of each. Our niche markets are multifamily and senior living, and we work really hard to keep our entire staff informed of not just the outcome of each project, but also the creative solutions that we develop, new products and vendors that we find, and the challenges we face. We’ve found that this open communication keeps our staff engaged and knowledgeable of all that we do.

HF: How does lighting play a role in your designs?

FDG: Done correctly, lighting can create another dimension to a space, bringing the interior of a space to life. Often, our decorative light fixture selection plays a big role in the overall design of a space We talk a lot about the importance of lighting in relation to the impact it has on the health of residents and staff. There’s so much to be said about the impact lighting and natural light have on productivity and cognitive function, so it’s among the most important elements that we get right.

HF: Your designers have often selected Hubbardton Forge lighting for your firm’s projects. What factors go into that choice?

FDG: We always seek the right piece for the right place. Finding just the right fixture is something we are passionate about and Hubbardton Forge always has a wonderful selection of high-quality products.  We appreciate the design and craftsmanship that goes into each piece and love how they blend into our projects.

HF: We’ve noticed that Faulkner Design Group is exceptionally good at ensuring that you have a portfolio of professionally-photographed images for each project. How and why did you make that a priority, post-installation?

FDG: Thank you for noticing! We do place a high priority on quality photography for a myriad of reasons, and a myriad of applications including our website, social media, brochures, project documentation, etc. Professional photography captures our designs as a first impression to our services. By investing in quality photos, we entice potential residents to visit the communities we design and experience our work. It is not an inexpensive endeavor, but it has brought value to our firm, our clients, and our staff.


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