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Photographer credit: Nick McWhirter

Designer Spotlight: Our focus is on B2 Architecture + Design.

When we saw the new Alta Yorktown apartment development, we were impressed. And, when we noticed that many of the finished spaces included Hubbardton Forge lighting, we felt honored to have been included in this exceptional project. We tracked down the design firm responsible for bringing a little bit of Vermont to the Dallas area to find out more.

HF: Who was the lead designer on Alta Yorktown project, or was there a different design lead for different apartments and spaces?
B2: Our own Chloe Guernsey, AIA, led the effort on the clubhouse design, lighting, finish and furniture selections. The project was a collaboration between B2 Architecture + Design and our friends at Good Fulton & Farrell Architects (building shell) and Hocker Design group (landscape).

HF: Is there a style B2 is particularly known for?
Definitely not! We believe great spaces tell a story. Every day, we collaborate with clients to help shape the stories they want to tell through built space. With our commitment to great design and world-class service, we help people realize the best version of their vision – because your space should tell your story, not your designer’s.

HF: Does B2 focus more on commercial or residential spaces or is it an even mix?
B2: Our project mix skews heavily multifamily at the moment, though it hasn’t always. We find multifamily projects so satisfying because they allow us to draw on our extensive experience with residential, restaurant, retail and office projects.

HF: What were the biggest challenges in designing for the Alta Yorktown project?
B2: Our standard challenge is working within the parameters established by the building architect, but we never view that challenge as a negative. It’s all about problem solving which is what we love about our job.In this case, it was about solving for the constraints presented by a separate building that was different from the main building.

HF: What aspect of the design or space is your favorite?
B2: We love the booths and the recycled wood millwork in the kitchen that hides the cabinets. We also love the window box wall between the social room and the lounge.

HF: How did Hubbardton Forge get picked to be included in this design?
B2: Chloe brought Hubbardton Forge to our attention years ago. She has known and loved Hubbardton Forge forever. We use you whenever we can for the straightforward design and quality you can really see. For this project, when Chloe drew lights in the first-pass sketches for the reception, she just knew the Hubbardton Forge Airis and Brindille pendants would really make the space.

HF: What would be your firm’s dream project to design?
B2: We’re excited about what’s next in multifamily living. With so many people choosing to rent instead of choosing to buy, there’s an opportunity to revisit what really matters to people when it comes to their living spaces. We’d love to help shape that by applying much of what we seen in the shared work space, for example.

HF: What’s the one style trend that you wish would make a comeback?
B2: Florals and floral patterns. They’re more versatile than people think, and depending on the design mix, they can bring femininity or masculinity to a space. We think they make such a statement in a way nothing else really does.

HF: What trend do you wish would fade away?
B2: Pristine white interiors. Nobody can live like that!