Custom Capabilities

Our Customs Team can create a work of art from just a napkin sketch.

As a U.S. company, Hubbardton Forge can manage resources and can offer better and faster custom capabilities than manufacturers located overseas. We have the ability to build exactly what the customer wants, when they want it, rather than importing container-loads of unnecessary excess inventory. This keeps cost and production time under control. Most custom orders are handcrafted in weeks, not months. We can also provide you with CAD art or Revit files, to assist you in designing your client’s space. Most importantly, we are able to offer uncompromising quality, because all products are designed and manufactured, from concept through to the final piece, all in one place, on-site, in Vermont.

Our Customs team is able to take a concept from a napkin sketch to a finished product, and even be on-hand for the final installation. Whether for a home’s grand entryway, a hotel lobby, restaurant or university hall, our custom lighting will fill any room with a fixture that is as much art as illumination—a unique focal piece to welcome guests.  

Your Success is Our Success.

A sketch, phone calls, visits to the worksite, a tour of manufacturing. Sometimes it takes just one of these, other times it’s a combination of all four. We try to take any necessary steps up-front to ensure the success of every project. Our best relationships are built on trust and reliability. Our ability to develop unique and beautiful solutions is only part of what we offer. Giving our clients one less thing to worry about is fundamental to our overall customer service from design through delivery.

For more information regarding our custom capabilities, please reach out and a customs team member will be able to discuss your project and see how we can help you reach your goals. or 800-826-4766


Custom work