Careers at Hubbardton Forge

The heart of Hubbardton Forge is our TEAM.

It’s a story steeped in Vermont culture. Fresh out of college, two young Vermonters wanted to revitalize a tradition – the art of the forge. They started in 1974 with a one-page business plan and a serious lack of funds. They set up shop in a barn and used tools begged and borrowed. From those beginnings, they forged a business built on collaboration, innovation and a love of design.

Today, Hubbardton Forge is well-known nationally as a company producing award-winning lighting fixtures and accessories and locally, as a place where each team member has a true role to play and a voice to share in our success story. We work together to continually improve quality, craftsmanship and our customers’ experience.

The heart of Hubbardton Forge is our team. Our collaborative culture welcomes each team member to contribute thoughts about process improvement and ways we can provide a better place to work. Our love of design means sharing of inspiration and ideas is encouraged. And the pride we take in keeping fine tradition alive means we strive to offer our customers the best products possible – and we continue to succeed.

And while we honor our traditions, we embrace the latest technologies. We are a company that is always looking toward the future and the role that technology plays in design, engineering, and manufacturing and throughout our business is critical to our success.

Whatever your position may be at Hubbardton Forge, you have a responsibility and opportunity to be a part of an environment that encourages teamwork across the organization. We are one team challenging each other to find innovative solutions to complex problems in a way that serves all of our customers. That is where you fit in!

Careers at Hubbardton Forge


With job postings updated regularly, our family continues to grow. If you’re interested in a career where your contributions are valued, we welcome you to visit our Application Website and find out about current open positions.

Hubbardton Forge is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, national origin, veteran status, or any other factor made unlawful by applicable laws and regulations. Hubbardton Forge is committed to providing a workplace free of any discrimination or harassment.

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