The Village – a blog series #2

Installment #2

It takes a village to plan and produce a photo shoot. Here we celebrate the wonderful and talented artists, designers, and businesspeople who have made it all possible.


Burlington, VT

Montstream Studio is a must-visit destination in Burlington, Vermont. Katharine Montstream captures the beauty and magic of New England on canvas for those wanting to take a piece of heaven home. Much to my delight, as one of the most talented and well known landscape painters in Vermont, Katharine also has a talent for large abstracts!

When I met Katharine she was heart-deep in a valiant effort to redevelop the Moran Plant — a towering abandoned coal plant located on a piece of prime Burlington waterfront. She and the rest of Team Moran envisioned and worked tirelessly toward the goal of resurrecting the plant into a creative public space. Inspired by the geometry, scale and decay of this amazing building, Katharine shifted her focus to view the building as a “landscape” of its own. She created a series of oversized abstracts for an open house event titled Moran 2.0, intended to draw attention to the Moran plant’s cause. It was from this collection that we borrowed two paintings to accompany our Henry and Divergence pendants in modern-industrial settings.

Even with substantial support and planning, the project was eventually rejected by the city and tabled for now. While deeply disappointing, I like to think that regardless what happens to the building and site, the countless hours of community building and creative partnerships it inspired throughout the city live on.

photo credit: Matthew Thorsen & Carolyn Bates

By Alison Alexander, Art Director for Hubbardton Forge.

This is a continuing series, where we acknowledge and share stories of some of the artists, designers, and business people with whom we work, behind the scenes, as we envision each new collection, each new piece, and bring it to life visually. We encourage you to explore the websites of our talented partners, and to check back for new installments of “The Village”.