The Village – a blog series #1

Installment #1

It takes a village to plan and produce a photo shoot. Here we celebrate the wonderful and talented artists, designers, and business people who have made it all possible.

One of our biggest challenges when planning product photography is finding furniture, art and accessories to complement our new lighting designs and image settings. Compositionally, the light is always the centerpiece, model, diva (we do sell lighting after all). The light must clearly stand front and center — but like any diva, it must have backup dancers that are equally beautiful, talented and comfortable in a supporting role.

We are almost always searching for skillfully designed and crafted supporting pieces that are fabulous in their own right. This can be challenging in a rural state, not for lack of talent, but simply due to the miles that lie between. We often drive hours just to pick up one piece of art. Vermont breeds a wealth of high quality craftsmanship and artisanal ingenuity, but sometimes it is difficult to find and secure. We put quite a bit of effort into finding the most amazing partners, and we would like to take this opportunity to share our adoration with you.


Greensboro, VT

Jerilyn’s elegantly earthy pottery and ceramics are a perfect complement for the high-design, hand-forged look of Hubbardton Forge lighting. This superbly talented artist has mastered the “less is more” approach with precisely crafted breathtaking minimalist curves, textures, and forms. Her work is enchanting, and a perfect pairing to many Hubbardton Forge designs.



By Alison Alexander, Art Director for Hubbardton Forge.

This is a continuing series, where we acknowledge and share stories of some of the artists, designers, and business people with whom we work, behind the scenes, as we envision each new collection, each new piece, and bring it to life visually. We encourage you to explore the websites of our talented partners, and to check back for new installments of “The Village”.