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Top 5 Best sellers Vermont Modern

Oh deer, this escalated quickly. Our Vermont Modern logo’s hot pink is an indicator of just how hot this new line is. Designers and the public have been bowled over by the bright colors, bold designs and cheeky attitude. They’ve been showering extra love on the 5 designs listed below.

Stretch Pendant

Stretch Pendant

Four plates of steel spanning more than four feet hide the light source and create layers of shadow and light. The Stretch makes a statement and doesn’t require a gym membership.

Bloom Pendants

Bloom & Full Bloom Mini Pendants

The Bloom and Full Bloom are each created from a single steel tube that’s laser cut, heated and expanded. The pendant sprouts from a steel stem to hang at the desired height. The light source is hidden within the cone at its core.

cumulus pendant

Cumulus Pendant

The Cumulus Pendant features 18 cut and folded plates of steel that filter and redirect the central light. Each leaf-like plate is articulated and can flutter at a touch.

Cumulus Pendant from vermont modern on Vimeo.

monarch pendant

Monarch Trio Pendant & Monarch Mini Pendant

Each Monarch is created from two panels of steel, laser cut, shaped and welded. The result is a striking mosaic of steel and space that seems to take flight with a “there, not there” visual aesthetic.

hook vine sinker pendant

Hook, Vine & Sinker Pendant

Each unique hook design of this pendant was created through a partnership between our designers and our forge artisans. Like our people, each hook is unique. Available with your choice of black, red or white cord.

Hook, Vine & Sinker Pendant from vermont modern on Vimeo.