Solstice Collection

The Solstice collection creates a golden glow, thanks to our talented team of makers. This collection is a study in mixed media, textures and skills. For the Solstice Pendant, an LED light guide is clasped between two rings of steel. The smooth outer ring serves as the base to which eight plates of hand-poured, textured artisan glass are affixed. The design, crafting of the steel rings and even the wiring, are accomplished by the designers and artisans at Hubbardton Forge, while the artisanal glass is created by a local Vermont-based maker.

Similar in concept, but quite different in execution, the Solstice Sconce brings those elements together – the steel, glass, textures and talent – to create a glow reminiscent of the sun breaking through the clouds. With each piece of glass handmade, every pendant and sconce is a unique work of art.