Meet the Filament Family

Filament Collection

Taking a design from concept to completion isn’t always a path that follows a straight line. For the Filament Collection, it’s the actual design that scoffs at a direct path between point A and point B.

If you’ve ever taken a look at the inside of an incandescent light bulb, you’ve seen the filaments – a tiny coil of tungsten wire. It’s what goes when a bulb burns out. Our design team has spent far too much time around those little spirals of metal, so it seems almost a given that the Filament design would someday be imagined.

In the case of our design, the wire that bends and wraps around the pipe is made of a steel rod. It may require a close look, but you’ll see that the shape of the Filament is created using a single steel rod that wraps around the fixture’s pipe.

Filament Collection

And options? The Filament has them. First, there are the types of lighting available – you can choose a semi-flush, mini pendant or a table lamp. Or you can choose all three. But any pick will require a second big decision. The finish options are extensive. You get to choose the finish color for the main piece (the pipe, collar and canopy for the ceiling fixtures or pipe, collar and base for the table lamp), and you choose the color of the accent piece – the “filament.”

There are 36 different finish color combinations and we decided to name some – from the Silver Fox (Black finish with Silver accent) to the Blue Steel (Satin White finish with Satin Aqua accent). Or if you’re in the holiday mood, there’s the Candy Cane (Satin White finish with Satin Red accent).

And, what about bulbs? That’s something that can change the look of the Filament dramatically. The choice of a half-mirror bulb for instance, will provide a very different aesthetic than a clear or frosted bulb. You may even want to switch the bulbs out now and then for a new look.

Make the Filament yours. You deserve it.

Filament Collection