Growth through Education, Application, and Reflection

GEAR up employees

Hubbardton Forge believes in promoting from within whenever possible. The G.E.A.R-Up program was created for employees to help them reach their full potential here, and perhaps more importantly, being prepared for the next opportunity that comes their way. Available to eligible hourly team members, this development program builds interpersonal skills that can be transferred to leadership or specialist positions. Participants cover such subjects as communication and effective listening, problem solving and motivation, and leadership basics. There is also focus on building effective work relationships and team dynamics. Employees from different departments have a chance to meet and learn from each other’s diversity throughout the course of the program. As Kalee Murphy in Finance commented, “I feel that G.E.A.R-Up has done exactly what it was supposed to do—not only to prepare myself and allow for growth, but to gain the skills needed to take on a leadership role. I like that it brought together 8 people from 8 various departments of the Forge. ”

Gear up Employees

G.E.A.R-Up assists in developing skills that can be helpful at work and in everyday life situations. Held every other week, the 3 hour classes are part of regularly scheduled and paid work hours. After taking the course, Karinda Oleson, Trade Liaison said, “G.E.A.R-Up offered me more than I expected. I plan to continue to use these topics to better myself in both my professional and personal life.”

Gear up Employees