Cloudy With a Chance of Hot Damn!

Remember as a kid, lying down in the grass on a warm summer day and playing the game where you imagine what shape the clouds are taking? Maybe you saw elephants and dragons, trains and clowns, or any other mix of imagination. Our designers saw a floor lamp. Maybe a pendant and a sconce too. While none of that’s true, it makes for a better story.

Cumulus Pendant

The reality is that the mind behind the Cumulus, Design Team Leader, David Martin, found his inspiration within the organic shape of tree leaves. And with a little imagination, it’s possible to see where he was coming from. It’s a little bit of a hybrid of an American beech tree leaf and a sugar maple leaf (because we’re in Vermont). So his head wasn’t in the clouds and his feet were firmly planted in the tenants of strong design.

Each “leaf” of this contemporary design is crafted from a single steel plate, cut and folded to create facets – nine on each plate. The pendant and the floor lamp have a total of 18 separate plates for a total of 162 facets. Those two pieces also articulate, with one plate on either end of a steel bar for balance. This lets the sculpture shift and shimmer at the touch of a finger or a breeze.

Cumulus Floor Lamp

The semi-flush and mini pendant may be small in size, but they’re still big on style and craftsmanship. And just to let you know we’d never rain on your parade, every cloud can have a silver lining . . . or finish actually. If silver’s not your thing, five more finish colors are available to create the Cumulus right for you.


Cumulus Pendant from vermont modern on Vimeo.