Shard Sconce

Shard Outdoor Sconce hung on side of a contemporary house setting
The Shard Sconce is a success story that mixes creativity, a commitment to sustainability and inspired design. We previously featured a blog post about our Lure chandelier and its hand-blown glass bowl that’s created by our local partner, AO Glass. It’s a challenge to hand-make glass to the exacting standards needed to match with the metalwork we do here at our forge. If a glass piece doesn’t meet standard for dimensions, or if it cracked during its crafting, usually the only options are to toss it or melt it down. Our design teams came up with a third option – the Shard. Molten glass is poured into blocks that envelop the shards of the Lure’s glass. The result is a key element of one design incorporated into a key visual in a new design to create the Shard’s beautiful, unique look.