Our Mini Pendants: Design + Options

Hubbardton Forge mini pendants are offered in a variety of options: traditional rod-hung pendants, low voltage cable-hung pendants, and track (universal connector) pendants.

Rod-Hung Pendants
In 2000, we began offering rod-hung, adjustable mini pendants. They quickly became a unique solution for our customer’s individual interior design needs. The telescoping rod system provides flexible adjustability in length, gives balance to larger forged elements of the pendant, and offers strong lines that complement our designs.

To satisfy different height requirements, three different canopy ranges are offered for each piece: short, standard, and long. The salespeople at our retail lighting dealers are highly qualified to help their customers find the correct length, using certain measurements to define the distance from table or work surface to the bottom of the pendant.

Cable-Hung Pendants
Beginning in 2013 Hubbardton Forge added low voltage cable-hung pendants to the collection. Using low voltage cables, with their clean, simple lines, gives our mini pendant offering a more contemporary look. Many of our low voltage, cable-hung pendants pair well with our Vintage Platinum finish.

These pendants also bring additional benefits of simplicity and flexibility. Each pendant comes prewired with its canopy, allowing 59 inches of adjustability. The cable retracts into the canopy during installation, requiring no cutting or connecting of the cable.

Universal Connector Pendants
In 2014 we took our beautiful designs and low voltage cable technology and brought them to the world of track and rail lighting. Hubbardton Forge Universal Connector Pendants are shipped with a male universal coaxial connector that has been tested to work with Edge lighting systems, as well as single or multi-port canopies. They may also be compatible with other manufacturer’s quick connect systems.

Here’s a short video highlighting the hand forged quality, innovative design, and flexible options of the Hubbardton Forge mini pendant collection.


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Our Approach to LED Lighting

Hubbardton Forge has been watching and studying the growth of LEDs for the last five or six years, and in 2013 we implemented the technology into our lighting line. We introduced five products that were a mix of wall sconces and pendants. Then in 2014, we introduced 13 new LED products, again focusing on wall sconces and pendants with the addition of semi flushes and a task lamp.

One of the benefits we like most about LED technology is the small and flexible form factor of the LED light source. All of our LED fixtures are designed to take advantage of that, meaning the fixtures we design are dedicated LED that typically could not be done with a traditional light source. It is an exciting time to be in lighting. We can do things with light and form now with LED that weren’t achievable with legacy bulbs.

We looked long and hard for the correct partner for our LED components and ended up finding one right in our own backyard here in Vermont. They have been able to help us design, manufacture, and implement unique light sources into our fixtures so that the LEDs and the fixtures work together as a system. Because we use top quality components and manufacturing techniques from right here in the United States, we have more confidence and flexibility to do more with LED lighting. Our dedicated LED fixtures are designed so that boards and modules can be replaced or retrofitted later in life if required.

There are a lot of questions out there about LEDs. One question we often hear is whether LED fixtures can be dimmed. Dimming is something that we consider from conception of a new LED fixture. There are many different ways and types of dimming for LED, so it can be confusing to the customer. In general we decided it is best to have our dimmable LED fixtures be able to do so using a household dimmer. Our dedicated LED fixtures use LED drivers that are located within the fixture or canopy. The drivers we choose depend on the light output and form factor of the fixture. Finding a line-dimmable driver for each design can prove challenging. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made in the design form of the fixture to accommodate the dimmable drivers, as they are bigger than a non-dimmable one such as deeper canopies or back plates.

All Hubbardton Forge LED fixtures are covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Andy Morter

About Andy Morter

Andy Morter not only cut his teeth in the lighting industry — he grew up in it. Working for his family’s lighting company in Wisconsin he did everything from winding lamp cords as a child to design, develop and market his own line of products. Now Design Developer at Hubbardton Forge Andy takes his passion for lighting to a new level by helping to blend the time-old tradition of hand forging steel with the latest in LED technology.

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Hubbardton Forge Quill Pendant Wins IIDA Design Award


CASTLETON, VT, May 21, 2014 — Hubbardton Forge proudly announces that its Quill LED Pendant was selected as the winner in the Lighting category in the 18th Annual IIDA/HD Product Design Competition.  The competition honors innovation, functionality and aesthetic advancements in the hospitality industry. The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) award was presented in partnership with Hospitality Design magazine and was open to exhibitors at HD Expo 2014.

“The intent of IIDA/HD Product Design Competition is to ensure the highest standards of innovation, utility and aesthetic development in the products found here at the HD Expo each year,” IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO Cheryl S. Durst said. “This year’s winning products showcase a vitality and dynamism that brilliantly elevates the specialty field of hospitality design as well as the profession.”

The designers serving as the judging panel for this year’s IIDA/HD Product Design Competition were Scott Hierlinger, (Design Director, Nelson); Rick Marencic, (Principal, Daroff Design); Patricia Rotondo, (Design Principal, Chipman Design Architecture); and Annhy Shim, (Senior Design Manager, THE RELATED GROUP).

“This award conveys our consistent message that our designs resonate strongly with the hospitality community. We are very grateful to get this recognition from some of the leaders of our industry,” said Steve Rice, Hubbardton Forge Vice President of Sales.

The judges all spoke enthusiastically about the vitality and relevance of the submissions to this year’s IIDA/HD Product Design Competition. “The submissions were all very cognizant of the changing world around us,” Marencic offered. “With global markets merging, innovation is key to staying relevant, so it was gratifying to see the response by manufacturers to the 2014 IIDA/HD Product Design Competition thoroughly engage the growing trend for delivery of the highest quality for a budget-conscious price.”

Winning products, manufacturers and designers from all nineteen categories are featured on the IIDA website and will be published in the July 2014 issue of Hospitality Design magazine. All winners were also featured in HD Show Daily.

Contact: Cathy Miglorie, Marketing & PR Manager
   800.826.4766 x357

Design Photo Contest Winner Announced at BD West


CASTLETON, VT, March 21, 2014 — Hubbardton Forge announced the winner of a $10,000 prize in the company’s 2013 Design Photo Contest today, at an awards ceremony held during the BD West trade show in San Diego.

Bill Rooney Studio was chosen as the contest winner for photography of a 16-foot custom lighting sculpture, designed by Rooney with production assistance from Rob Veluz, and manufactured by Hubbardton Forge. The lighting piece is a focal point at the new Marriott Residence Inn property located at 1717 Broadway in New York City.

Designer Bill Rooney describes his inspiration for the custom lighting piece: “The sculptural lighting feature draws reference from Central Park as well as the urban chic nature of the space it is in. The resulting organic form is transformed into a modern theatrical experience in hand forged aluminum. Harmony is created by utilizing the familiar juxtaposed with the new and the feeling of the moment is nourished with elements from the past used throughout the Residence Inn lobby.”

Hubbardton Forge created the Design Photo Contest last year and partnered with Boutique Design magazine on the project. The contest was designed to award hospitality project photography that used Hubbardton Forge fixtures to best define the space in which the lighting was placed. The contest garnered many entries from hotel, restaurant, assisted living, and other commercial spaces across the United States.

“It’s always fascinating to see our products used in so many different settings and applications, particularly as our design aesthetic has expanded so much in the past few years. As a designer it’s both educational and fun for me to see how others visualize and create the space where our products can either accent it or help define it,” said David Kitts, Director of Design for Hubbardton Forge.

“The contest gave us excellent insight on the creativity and inspiration that drives the Hospitality Design Industry,” added Steve Rice, Hubbardton Forge Vice President of Sales. “We are proud to be associated with so many fine designers and projects throughout the country.”

Hubbardton Forge offers a special thank you to all design and architecture firms who entered, and to Boutique Design magazine for sponsoring the 2013 Design Photo Contest. “We’re excited to have partnered with Hubbardton Forge on this innovative competition that showcases product design creativity in a hospitality setting,” said Michelle Finn, President of Hospitality Media Group, LLC, owner of Boutique Design magazine.

Contact: Cathy Miglorie, Marketing & PR Manager
   800.826.4766 x357